Founded in Montréal in 2016, BESIDE was born out of a desire to create a media brand with international impact at the crossroads of nature and culture. Since then, we have expanded exponentially, developing expertise in not just publishing, but also event organizing, real estate, and hospitality.

As a media outlet, we publish a biannual print magazine and ongoing digital content, as well as host events. We aim to inspire and equip people to build meaningful lives and a collective future, whether in the city or in the woods. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re living the questions.

BESIDE is more than a brand: we’re a community. We’re a diverse group — including architects, artists, journalists, biologists, and photographers — who share aspirations for a better world. We swear by the power of person-to-person conversations and the great ideas born around a campfire.

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BESIDE Media and BESIDE Habitat share a mission: to foster communion with nature and build community.

Our goal is to encourage people to connect to nature through culture and knowledge transfer. We aim to provoke reflections on how we inhabit the world and put down roots in our environment.

We exist to relay stories, ideas, skills, know-how, and experiences at the crossroads of nature and culture to help everyone build more meaningful lives.

We are committed to making a real difference: to concretely protect land and help build a more sustainable future. We’re constantly thinking about how to put down our roots while preserving areas of high environmental value and biodiversity, including lakes, wetlands, and old-growth forests.

We create immersive experiences and high-quality editorial content.

Nature destinations

We design destinations where people can ground themselves in nature and culture. Our architecture fosters connection with nature, and our workshop and event programming highlights the beauty of the land.

Magazine and other print publications

Twice a year, we publish an independent magazine in English and French that features personal narratives, stories from the field, and ideas for how to be kinder to our world. We also publish books that help equip us for the challenges of tomorrow.

Digital content

We publish exclusive online content, including in-depth dossiers, series, and videos.

Workshops and experiences

We organize events that bring our community together. From creative camps in the great outdoors to workshops and discussions, we endeavour to live our central question — how can we build slower and more meaningful lives?


In collaboration with local creators, we select and make exceptional objects that meet our community’s needs.

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