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Protecting land would be so much easier if we had unlimited financial resources.



Each destination offers high-quality private and rental units. Compact, built to last, and designed by renowned architects, our cabins are located on individual lots. They are sold to private owners who share BESIDE’s values and who want to become part of our community. Our turnkey rental management system allows owners to generate revenue with minimal effort on their part. We ensure quality service and all necessary maintenance.



These smaller, independent units are heated by a wood stove. Designed to minimize their impact on the land, pods are available for rental only. They offer an incomparable connection to nature and an uncompromised minimalist experience.



A multi-function pavilion lies at the heart of each Habitat. It’s a gathering place and service point that can serve as everything from a communal office in the woods to a yoga studio. It’s also just a nice place to meet up with people and enjoy a hot chocolate by the fire together.


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Selling your land

Do you own 350 acres or more of land less than two hours from an urban centre? Do you know someone who does? Would you like to see that land developed and protected? If so, please get in touch with our team.

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