The experience

BESIDE Habitat offers you nature and culture, at destinations less than two hours away from major cities.

Each destination is designed around a unique central theme that frames our cultural and educational activity programming — a key part of our mission.

Constant contact with nature

We develop a family of buildings for each destination. The Village sector includes a shared pavilion, gathering places, and small pods. A second sector is devoted to rental cabins.

Just like the pavilion, our cabins foster conversations, shared moments, and bonds between people. We place the common areas at the centre of the cabins to naturally encourage warm gatherings. Smaller, intimate individual spaces offer tranquil cocoons.

Each room showcases nature — a glass door, a large window, a skylight, or the ever-present smell of fir. The view expands both the space and one’s mind.

Cabins are adapted to their environment through a bioclimatic approach that favours sustainable, most often local, materials. Radiant heating and natural ventilation reduce energy consumption.

Every detail has been thought through to ensure your stay will allow you to ground yourself in nature and create precious memories.


Where nature, culture, and community meet.

A land of adventure

Each Habitat destination will make you feel like you’re in a giant playground, whatever your age. Thanks to our limited architectural development, there are vast swaths of nature open to anyone who wants to set out to have fun and explore.

You are welcome to hike the trails and appreciate the views from the lookouts at your leisure. We encourage you to get outdoors.

Knowledge transfer is at the heart of our mission. Through one-off, seasonal workshop programming, we share knowledge and skills. You can carry out our activities independently or participate in workshops led by our experienced team.

Selling your land

Do you own 350 acres or more of land less than two hours from an urban centre? Do you know someone who does? Would you like to see that land developed and protected? If so, please get in touch with our team.

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