A Bridge to the Land

Kam Vachon

The BESIDE Habitat location in Lanaudière stretches out over 1,250 acres of forest. We maintain several kilometres of trails for ease of exploring the woods, streams, lakes, and rocky cliffs. These pathways are an essential part of our mission to conserve land, because there’s nothing like being in the forest to experience real beauty, and to want to help protect it.

Past the wetlands that border the Chemin des Pékans, an old logging road, a 15 m long footbridge of hemlock and metal mesh was recently installed, spanning a narrow stream. The bridge—which we’ve named “Beaver-Bird”—is anchored in rock and hugs a nearby cliff.

We entrusted its design to Point de Tangente, a talented constructor, because for Hugues Fournel, general director of BESIDE Habitat Lanaudière, it went without saying that the quality found in the cabins should also be reflected in the outdoor structures we build. Our founding members also pitched in. Last fall, the first wave of cabin owners at the Lanaudière location helped the team clear the area and dredge the creek.

Today, you can quietly observe a beaver dam from the footbridge or watch for thrushes nesting in the trees.

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