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Every quarter, we share with our readers the books we’ve fallen for, our musical favourites and the films that have shaken us up. This month, we’ve selected a number of works that continue to inspire us in our larger mission of conservation. Essays, documentaries or podcasts that remind us of the fragile beauty of the world, while also teaching us resilience and hope.

1. Wild Life

A film suggestion by Eve

Directed by Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, WILD LIFE tells the story of ecologist Kris Tompkins and the decades she spent protecting landscapes across Chile and Argentina. This film documents the climb that led to the largest private land donation in history.

2. Des forêts pour sauver le climat - Peter Wohlleben

A book suggestion by Jean-Daniel

This essay invites us to rethink our ways of exploiting forest resources with a view to more sustainable forestry. At a time of great climate disruption, the current management of forests doesn’t make sense. We need to focus on planting native trees in order to overcome this ecological challenge, and help ecosystems to manage themselves - which is exactly what Peter Wohlleben proposes we do.

3. The Custodians

A film suggestion by Gabrielle

This Patagonia film follows four inhabitants of the west coast of Scotland who work to reclaim the coastline. Although the last 40 years of overfishing and trawling have gravely impacted the ocean, they work every day to restore the fauna and flora; they teach us to work conscientiously with the ocean, rather than contributing to the loss.

4. The Nature of Things — Apocalypse Plan B

A documentary suggestion by Zoé

I always like things related to agriculture, biodiversity and the place nature takes in our lives. Apocalypse Plan B, a documentary from The Nature of Things, examines the research work of different climatologists who are actively seeking ways to reduce heat by modifying the Earth’s sky.

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