Outdoor Etiquette



1. Plan ahead and prepare

Take your skill level and the weather conditions into account in choosing your route. Never hesitate to turn back if you encounter a problem.

2. Stick to durable surfaces

Respect the flora and fauna and avoid getting lost by always staying on marked trails.

3. Leave what you find

Leave no trace of your presence and leave natural objects where you found them.

4. Dispose of waste properly

Remember: “pack it in, pack it out.” Everything you brought with you should come back with you, even biodegradable waste like apple cores.

5. Minimize campfire impacts

Obey all signage, advisories, and bans, including open-fire bans.

6. Respect wildlife

If you see an animal, keep your distance and avoid doing anything that might alter its behaviour. Now is the time to test out your smartphone’s zoom function.

7. Be considerate of others

Be courteous and respectful of other visitors on the trails. Refrain from blaring ABBA on your new Bluetooth speaker.

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