Spruce up your spring days with a few cultural recommendations from our team.

Once a season, we like to share with you, our beloved readers, some of the books, music, and films that have moved us, made us smile, or somehow left us changed

01 I Didn't Do the Thing Today


"Madeleine Dore looks at hyper-productivity and the over-saturation of our daily lives. She reminds us that it's okay to do nothing, our to-do lists don’t define us, and slowing down is productive too."

  • Gabrielle Deronde, graphic designer

02 The Creative Act

_Book _

“Reconnecting with our sincerity, giving creativity its rightful place, and shaping new ideas. This book by Rick Rubin is honest, intuitive, and perfect for rekindling the embers of inspiration."

  • Jean-Daniel Petit, President and CEO

03 Abstract: The Art of Design

_Web series _

"This documentary series profiles creatives from all walks of life, explains their process, and, most importantly, makes us realize that design is part of every sphere of our lives."

  • Catherine Fortin, studio manager

04 For The Wild

_Podcast _

”I love that it feels like there's a whole different world when I listen. All the disaster and negativity of mainstream news has this counterpoint of incredibly smart and inventive and intuitive people doing good countercultural work.”

— Jessica Moore, translator

06 The Sporkful

_Podcast _

“Explore food through creative experiments, extraordinary life stories, and lengthy debates on the best way to layer peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich.”

— Catherine Métayer, editor-in-chief

07 Green Screen

_Book _

This collection of essays invites you to consider the ways that technology can help or harm your relationship with nature.

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