BESIDE Habitat destinations are living environments where people and nature cohabit and are part of the same ecosystem.

After a little more than three years spent enjoying, developing, learning, and building on the land, and with a year of rental management under our belts in Lanaudière, the desire to roll out a new location is finally coming to fruition.

We’ve chosen Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, an hour from Ottawa and Gatineau, as the site where our second location will take root.

One more step toward our goal of protecting 500 million square feet of land in North America by 2030.

Architecture at the service of nature

The project will eventually include private and rental architectural units and a protected territory to explore. Designed by the renowned architects of Nature Humaine, the one, two or three bedroom cabins will be built with minimal intervention on the ground, with sustainable materials that echo the rural setting of the place. At the heart of the project, market garden project will be honored with cultural programming that includes a series of activities and workshops developed in collaboration with local partners.

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