Each destination has its own personality, infused with the natural characteristics of the land and the local cultural heritage. At Habitat Outaouais, the market garden will have a place of honour, with a programme developed in collaboration with local partners.


This new Habitat will feature a functioning food farm with facilities for preparing and sharing delicious meals from our own harvest, as well as workshops for living with, from, and on the land.

Through the meadows surrounded by forests, we will be able to experience, learn, and exchange with others. We’ll be able to fill up on knowledge earned through experience, feed our savoir-faire and savoir-être, at the crossroads of nature and culture.

BESIDE Habitat is a place for solitude as well as for gathering — with colleagues, family, friends, strangers.


Visit to the vegetable farm
Market garden workshops
Trail runs
Birding and wildlife observation
Standup paddleboarding*
Gravel biking
Mushroom picking
Nature photography workshops
Nature illustration workshops
Concerts in nature


Birding and wildlife observation
The Surrounding Area

The Surrounding Area

The Outaouais region is known for its natural beauty, with vast forests, lakes, and rivers, as well as provincial parks and wildlife reserves. It’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts — a paradise for gravel biking and bass fishing — as well as for lovers of culture. Some of our favourites, and other suggestions for interesting spots to discover in the area: Lac de l’Argile, Royal Papineau Golf Club, Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve, Poisson Blanc Regional Park, Omega Park, Nordik Spa-Nature, Café Palmier, Juniper Farm, 5e Baron Microbrewery, Aux Deux Frères Bakery and so much more!

The Community Spirit

The Community Spirit

The BESIDE Habitat destinations aim to gather people who create, who reflect, who innovate — and above all, who share a similar vision for the world. You can use them for a solo retreat, while still feeling connected to others through common values and interests.

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