After a little more than three years of fun, learning, construction, and property management at our Lanaudière destination, we’re ready to launch a new BESIDE Habitat destination. We’ve chosen Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, an hour from Ottawa and Gatineau, as the site where our second location will take root.


With its lush fields, forests, and lakes, our newest destination in Outaouais will help you find nourishment on the land, from garden-fresh herbs and vegetables to foraged mushrooms and fresh-caught bass.

Conservation and development

BESIDE Habitat Outaouais will allow us to permanently protect 600 acres of untouched land, to emphasize the connection between humans and nature, and to bring us closer to our goal of conserving 500 million square feet — 13 times the size of Central Park — of natural territory in North America, between now and 2030.

Development is a driving force that allows us to attain our conservation goals. We develop no more than 20 per cent of each parcel of land acquired — which means we protect at least 80 per cent.

On the developed part, 48 architectural cabins and 20 experiential units, a common pavilion and a vegetable farm will come to life. Cabin owners and tenants will be able to enjoy a private lake with an esplanade, 13 acres of sunny meadows, as well as 24 km of trails.

Currently on sale, the BESIDE Habitat Outaouais project has begun field visits, which will continue until the fall, and construction will be spread over 3 distinct phases:

Phase 01 — 20 lots*
Phase 02 — 14 lots
Phase 03 — 14 lots

*During phase 01, 20 lots of +- 2 acres will be sold starting from Summer 2023 (prices from $149,000), and construction will start in 2024.

Click here for additional information or to take part in the project by becoming the owner of an architectural unit.


Selling your land

Do you own 350 acres or more of land less than two hours from an urban centre? Do you know someone who does? Would you like to see that land developed and protected? If so, please get in touch with our team.

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