Make dreams a reality

BESIDE Habitat is the result of months of reflection. It’s the combined work of architects, urban planners, designers, and biologists to create an innovative living environment capable of reconnecting humans with nature. The intention is to create architectural spaces that will protect a century-old forest while promoting knowledge sharing and the creation of new traditions. It is a living place where nature and culture meet.

Protecting the land

Located in the Lanaudière region, the project allows 900 acres of natural heritage to be conserved. With its two pristine lakes, kilometres of trails, peaks, and rock faces, this is a land that invites us to explore and contemplate.

It is also the first habitat in a network of unique destinations. We aim to protect 500 million square feet of nature by 2030.


Habitat is part of the BESIDE media brand, which also includes a magazine, an online platform, workshops, objects, and a book collection at the crossroads of nature and culture. For each of our projects, we pass on ideas, stories, initiatives, and knowledge that is capable of bringing us closer to nature and propelling us toward a more united world. We deeply believe in person-to-person communication and the great ideas that are born around a campire.

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