A living place where nature and culture meet.


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Soak up the surroundings

One hour north of Montréal, BESIDE cabins are nestled in the century-old forest that inspired their design. They honour the woods and Québec nordicity, and encourage us to experience indoor as well as outdoor living, depending on the season. Their simple lines that conceal a meticulous attention to detail suggest an experience in which architecture and nature are natural complements, and where the gaze turns naturally toward the forest.

Experience architecture in nature

Each different type of cabin offers a unique relationship with nature, though with each model, the architectural experience and comfort are the same. Their uniqueness is based on the flora of each of the terrains, and the land that separates them means you can enjoy the wall-to-wall windows without ever seeing your neighbours.

Discover them for yourself



Indicate number of guests and the desired dates. We’ll send you the details about your cabin once the booking is complete.



Explore the seasonal activities you can do nearby—and pack your car accordingly.



There’s nothing like the calm of the forest to forget about your phone and renew your connections with family, friends, and nature.

A place for sharing ideas—or a tall glass of whisky—around the fire.


Be closer to nature

Take a break from your daily life to bathe in the silence of the forest and catch up on sound sleep. Then, in the morning, take off alone on the lake before cooking over the wood stove and building a fire at dusk. Find plenitude in the time you spend in nature, to learn, exchange ideas, and come together in a redesigned living environment.

Live the experience

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